We provide safe access to vision without glasses. Comfortable, clear vision starts with a proper contact lens fit and regular ocular health assessments. We recommend annual assessments to help ensure our patients will be able to continue to wear their lenses according to their lifestyle needs.

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Contact Lens Loyalty Program

at Bayside Eye Care

Just like the glasses we sell, we stand behind our products and make recommendations based on your personal daily vision requirements. Annual contact lens assessments are recommended for all contact lens wearers to help keep your eyes seeing and feeling their best. 

We are able to include the following contact lens services throughout the year following a full contact lens assessment.

Emergency examinations for contact lens complications
Contact lens follow-up or progress checks
Access to manufacturer rebates
Replacement of lost or torn lenses
Free shipping to your work or home
Exhange on contact lenses if your prescription has changed for unopened or opened boxes
30% off non-prescription sunglasses with the purchase of a year supply